Cruising Fleet

The Lake Sunapee Cruising Fleet is a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to the sport of sailboat racing on Lake Sunapee. Our fleet has been in existence since 1984.From late May to early September each year, we race on Lake Sunapee every Wednesday evening and 5 Sunday afternoons.

Our goal is to have fun while we race competitively and safely. Additionally we know our fleet helps each of our members meet and make new friends. We support each other, from beginner to experienced racer, as we improve our sailing skills and adhere to the rules of racing. We encourage novice sailors and sailors new to racing by giving them assistance as they learn. Our fleet consists of a variety of sailboats in the 18-28 feet in length range. The Fleet is separated into two groups, based on Performance Handicap Racing Fleet (PHRF) ratings. The use of spinnakers is optional with a PHRF rating adjustment. 

In addition to racing, the Lake Sunapee Cruising Fleet holds several socials throughout the season at various fleet members’ homes. These pot luck dinner parties promote comradeship among the membership. Additionally, at the end of the season, the LSCF hosts an awards banquet.  . 

Parties interested in joining our fleet are encouraged to visit our fleet web page at Here you will be able to read about our fleet and find information as to how one can join plus you will learn what to expect out on the race course once you have start racing. If you have any questions please contact me at Lake.Sunapee.Cruising I look forward toward seeing you out on the water. 

Frank Lemay LSCF Captain 


  • Captain: Frank Lemay 
  • Lieutenant: David Heckel     
  • George George Morin
  • Treasurer: Bill Ames

For More Information

2019 Cruising Fleet Schedule

  • Series A Wednesday
  • 7 /10/19
  • Series B Wednesday
  • 07/31/19
  • 08/7/19
  • Series C Sunday
  • 8/11/19
  • End to End Sunday
      Sunday 8/18/19    Warning Signal at 12:55 pm

    Wednesday start time 5:45 PM
    Sunday start time12:50 PM